At GoodChoice IT we provide a wide range of services to business owners, all of which can be customised or mixed to suit your individual needs. From full management to supply or backup, we take the pain and stress away from dealing with your IT and wrap it up in one, easy to understand monthly package.

IT Managed Services

If you are a business owner looking for someone to professionally manage and maintain the IT systems for your business, look no further. Our tailored IT management and support services will help keep your business up and running smoothly from day 1. We can even perform a complimentary health check of your IT systems to ensure everything is working at 100%.

Cloud Computing

They say that all clouds have a silver lining, and no more so than cloud computing – if you pick the right product. Our experts will help you understand what you need from the cloud and build the right solution for you, so you don’t end up with a lost data disaster and a case of buyer’s remorse.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

It’s staggering how many businesses still don’t have a backup and disaster recovery solution in place. If the worst should happen, do you have a copy of your vital business data to fall back on and a plan to access it? If you don’t, or your plan is out of date, we can help you.

IT Security

With so much computer equipment needed, it’s important to invest in good security as well. Our bespoke security services include high security, programmable email and web filtering, to prevent viruses and malware infiltrating your system. Businesses who encrypt all of their files have become targets for crypto malware, meaning cyber security is more important than ever. We can provide a tailored security solution for you to ensure your business is fully protected.

Broadband & Communications

Whether you’re moving to a new office or just aren’t happy with your current setup, we can help you get the right deal with your broadband provider and set up an effective communications system for your entire business, no matter where you are. If you are unhappy with your main provider, we can offer you a bespoke broadband package direct with super-fast broadband and an auto failover feature ensuring full connectivity at all times.

Office Moves & Staff Changes

Moving offices is a long and complex process, without having to think about how your IT systems are going to handle the move as well. GoodChoice IT can help you plan out the IT in your new office space from the beginning and even help transfer everything smoothly when the big move comes around. We can even organise the smaller jobs like organising the IT around staff changes and new hires.

IT Support Sutton

At GoodChoice IT we pride ourselves on providing outstanding service to the Sutton area. With one of our offices stationed in Carshalton, Sutton, we are the leading provider of managed IT services in the area. We have also been voted finalists in the Sutton business excellence awards for the last 2 years in a row for our exceptional customer service and affordable, bespoke solutions.

Hardware As A Service

If you are looking to save money while investing in new computing equipment or hardware for your business, we can help. Our hardware as a service solutions allow you to rent the equipment from us at a low monthly cost, instead of buying it outright.  For you, this means no big capital outlay and the ability to offset the cost against your tax bill. It also means you never have to worry about maintenance – if your machinery breaks down we can repair or replace it the next working day.