Work is no longer a destination

If your Accountancy business does not enable your staff to work anywhere at any time you will not be able to recruit younger workers or use offshoring services effectively, limiting your business potential

Some things to think about:

  • Management Skills: You need different management skills to manage a virtual team then an office based one
  • Communication: Spend time understanding Microsoft Office365 teams tools, Slack Trello and Zoom
  • Create and distribute a map showing staff locations and timezones
  • Technology Change: You will need to abandon legacy systems, this will require reworking the business processes. Simple tasks become impossible if for example you still have paper based systems
  • Older staff and Management will find these kind of changes difficulty and its important to acknowledge this. Unless people understand the benefits they will resist this change so its important to spend time explaining the benefits and risks

While we can easily enable you to take and make calls and work anywhere unless your company embraces technology you will have a very hard time growing the business

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