Fractional IT Director

Does your management team lack the knowledge to make great IT decisions?

vCIO Services – Your Independent IT Adviser

What is is vCIO?

A vCIO  is an essential business tool an any business too small to employ an full time IT director

What does a vCIO do?

Conversations! Our discovery tools enable us to quickly compare your business technology to other similar businesses.A bridge between technology and leadership.


  • Budget
  • Risks & CyberSecurity
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Change & Digital Transformation
  • Why vCIO

Virtual Chief information Officer is a kind of IT strategy consultant, the goal is to align technology to your business not to sell you stuff or tell you things you already know!

Don’t confuse this with a pre-sales adviser or an expensive consultant; the vCIO is specifically here to help you understand the IT landscape and the decisions you need to make.

Our goal is for 10-30X Return on Investment

Who can you help?

We currently work in partnership with several Managed Service Providers, Architecture and Finance Businesses, any business without an IT director will get enormous value!

Our vCIO, or Fractional IT Leader, is an independent IT adviser who translates technical speak into leadership actions.


Typical Questions We Are Asked:

  • How can we make our business workflow more efficient?
  • Should we move everything to/from the cloud?
  • Is the cloud more or less secure than storing data locally?
  • Do we need to look at cyber risks? (YES YOU DO!)
  • Our Line of Business Application is not working well – should we buy shiny new software or use Excel instead?
  • How can I free up a load of time to work ON the business?
  • We have opportunity X but we cannot deliver it right now.
  • We are really worried about Y – maybe IT can help?
  • Can we track our employees as we are struggling to manage their work?
  • We tried to do X but it was too complicated for us, what simple ideas can we do right now?
  • There is a change of management and not sure what our IT needs are!

Do we need to change our IT team? – NO!

Will you not try and replace our current IT team – NO!


We generally do not provide full vCIO services and managed IT services as it can create conflicts of interest and reduces the value a vCIO brings.

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