Microsoft O365 Security

About our 365 Small Business Rapid Security Hardening Service:


“If one your Office 365 accounts has been hacked, or you suspect it might have been, and you’re uncertain about what steps to take next, we offer a one-off hardening solution.

With years of experience supporting Office 365, we understand that many businesses lack support, especially during critical times when they need it the most.

We can apply our hardening immediately

How we help keep your Microsoft account safe and secure

Tech Support Scams

WARNING: Do not engage with companies that pretend to be Microsoft or Quickbooks

They are very convincing sometimes


Do not respond to any emails claiming your account has been hacked or a family member is in danger or the prince of some country etc – remember some of these attacks are not obvious.



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Managing Office 365 security:

The Problem:

Small business leaders generally have absolutely zero interest in cybersecurity until after they are hacked, which can easily cause the business to fail.

One of the biggest areas of attack for hackers is Microsoft 365. As cyber is the biggest threat to your business it’s critical to protect your data from theft.

Our service is designed for businesses whose Office 365 accounts could be compromised who lack a dedicated cyber team. In many cases, they have no security plan.

After a hack you may have restored basic functionality, they require additional support to ensure such incidents do not reoccur. We provide a comprehensive framework and settings adjustments to significantly reduce the likelihood of future breaches in their Microsoft 365 accounts. We are prepared to work alongside their IT team, if you have one, to implement these measures effectively.

The Solution:
We have developed standards using industry best practices and our experience in managing Microsoft 365. Microsoft created something called “Security Defaults,” which sounds great, but until recently, it wasn’t activated for most tenants. Most of the crucial settings aren’t configured. So, while Microsoft has to balance security with usability, we can help you ensure that you’re protected our simple guides will ensure your systems do not break when we increase the security!

How Does It Work?
We’ll send you a link to log in. We will then provide you with a short checklist to ensure that we don’t disrupt your work while enhancing security. Once we’re satisfied that everything is in order, we’ll initiate the process, and every 15 minutes, your system will be checked against our best practice standards.

What’s Not Included:
This service is not a comprehensive managed IT service. We are specifically configuring the security settings that should be set. If you need support, if your staff need help setting up an authenticator, or if you need assistance with setting up your domain name, these are all services we can provide as part of our managed service.

If your Microsoft 365 account is compromised, we’ll refund your money. We’ve been supporting businesses like yours since 2006, and cybersecurity is a massive risk. Around 50% of businesses will suffer some kind of cyber incident in the next 12 months. It is not possible to prevent 100% of attacks, we are very confident that your chances of a successful breach is massively reduced.


Do I need to change my IT provider?

No, you don’t need to change your existing provider, but we will need to work with them. It’s even better if they recommend this service. Many IT managers and IT support engineers lack the experience to know the best settings, which is understandable. That’s why we’ve simplified the process with a comprehensive checklist.

Does Microsoft 365 have security?

Yes, however, it need to be configured, and hackers rapidly change their approach, 2-3 years ago using multifactor authentication was enough to protect your account

How do I secure my Microsoft 365?

Microsoft like us works very hard to keep systems secure, but we have more flexibility as we understand our customers better While MS365 is vastly more secure than the old Microsoft Exchange or POP3 servers hackers are getting more and more sophisticated. The security settings only really work if you configure them!

How do I secure Exchange Online?

To secure your Microsoft 365 tenant you can either follow our checklist or buy our managed cyber hardening package designed to massively reduce the chances of your email addresses being hacked

One of my team’s accounts has sent out fake Email Messages – Help”

This is quite common, please call us  on 02080995540 and we can discuss the options,

Will this prevent Business Email Compromise (BEC)?

It will only protect your tenant, not your suppliers or customers, which is why we also recommend staff training

Help my emails are bouncing!

Our service can help with that and fix misconfigurations click here for more details on the office365 bouncing issues

What about Microsoft Defender, Entra, P1, P2, E5 licences or Defender for Office 365?

Feel free to contact us about these, this service is really for smaller businesses looking for a simple easy to implement a cyber-security solution for their unmanaged O365 Tenant

I have enabled MFA / Multifactor Authentication / 2-factor authentication / two-step verification but yet we still got hacked!

Frustrating isn’t it!  This service is designed to put in place the best current practice. Having multi-factor Authentication is absolutely essential but it’s just not sufficient. If you are struggling here, our team will help you deploy the Microsoft Authenticator Application to the most reluctant team members with our scripts and strategies. We can also help you with authentication tokens like the Yubikey.

We have strong passwords does that help?

No not really, but bad or reused passwords can make things a lot easier for hackers

  “Stay Ahead of Hackers: Secure Your Microsoft 365 Today”

A Growing Threat to Small Businesses


Cybersecurity Afterthoughts: A Very Risky Approach

  • Microsoft 365 is a Target: Hackers frequently target small businesses’ like yours Microsoft 365 accounts, and a lack of proper security measures can lead to significant disruptions in your business operations.
  • Our Experience: Since 2006, we’ve been aiding businesses to reduce cyber threats, learning crucial lessons about the importance of proactive cybersecurity measures.

Understanding Microsoft’s ‘Security Defaults’:

  • Not Full-Proof: Microsoft offers ‘Security Defaults’, but they don’t guarantee complete protection. These settings are often disabled and in any case, lack crucial security configurations.

Does Microsoft 365 have security?

Yes, Office 365 has Microsoft Security defaults. Which sounds fantastic but:

  1. It’s not enabled by default (Microsoft will fix this in 2023)
  2. It doesn’t include basic required security defaults
  3. It’s incompatible with some security settings
  4. There is very little guidance, so people turn it off to save time

I will let you decide if Microsoft is doing enough


  • The Missing Piece: Without these essential settings, your Microsoft 365 account remains vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Our Proactive Solution:

  1. Customized Security Standards: We provide services that employ industry best practices, specifically designed to enhance the security of your Microsoft 365 setup.
  2. Bridging the Gap: Our approach ensures that your Microsoft 365 account is not only protected from current threats but also fortified against future vulnerabilities.

The Urgent Need for Action:

  • A Stark Statistic:


Half of all small businesses are likely to face a cyber incident within the next year.


  • Your Business Security: It’s crucial to protect your business now, rather than waiting for a breach to occur.


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Spotting the Signs: Suspicious Activity

  • “Help, Something’s Wrong with My Emails”: Sent a weird email link to all your contacts? That’s a classic sign of a hack.
  • Email Silence: If your inbox is eerily quiet and others report getting strange emails from you, it’s time to investigate.
  • Early action is Crucial: Recognising these hints quickly is key to preventing further damage. Ignoring them can mean more harm to your business.
  • Learn More: Check out this discussion on Microsoft 365 hacks for real-life examples and tips.


Key Terminology quick:

  • Phishing: Deceptive attacks, like disguised enemies.
  • Phishing (Fake Emails):
  • Picture your castle’s guards receiving messages from neighbouring kingdoms. Phishing is when an enemy disguises a message to look like it’s from a friendly kingdom, but it’s actually a trick to open the gates. If the guards fall for it, the enemy can sneak in, steal treasures, or even take control of the castle.
  • MFA: Extra gate for stronger defense.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Your castle has a main gate (your password), but what if it could have a second gate? That’s MFA. It’s an extra layer of defence, like a drawbridge after the main gate. Without this, if the enemy gets the key to the first gate (your password), nothing else stops them from entering.
  • Hardening: Reinforced castle walls.
  • Hardening
  • Strengthening your castle’s defences – thicker walls, taller towers – is hardening. It makes it tougher for enemies to break in or climb over. Neglecting this leaves you with weak spots that clever invaders can exploit to sneak in or launch attacks.
  • Audit: Expert inspection for vulnerabilities.
  • Audit
  • Consider an audit as an inspection by a wise old sage who checks every corner of your castle for cracks, loose stones, or hidden passages enemies might use. Skipping this could mean missing out on crucial fixes that keep invaders at bay.
  • Exfiltration: Stealthy theft of valuable information.
  • Exfiltration
  • Exfiltration is when thieves, after sneaking into your castle, start taking your gold, jewels, and secrets. It’s quietly losing what’s valuable without realizing until it’s too late. Not preventing it can lead to losing precious resources or secrets to rival kingdoms.
  • GDPR: Royal decrees for data privacy.
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • GDPR is a set of royal decrees ensuring every kingdom respects its citizens’ privacy. It’s about protecting the personal information of everyone in your realm. Ignoring these laws can lead to hefty unlimited fines from the high council and loss of trust among your people.

Our 365 Security Service:

We have regularly seen cases where Microsoft 365 accounts are hacked

This is mainly due to a lack of configuration of the Microsoft 365 tools

Microsoft have something called “Security Defaults” which would protect you but:

  • It’s was not turned on by default & many admins have disabled it
  • Lots of basic settings are missing so you still get hacked

To stop you from getting constantly hacked we can offer an annual 365 hardening service.

It’s a very simple process, we will go through our checklist and make sure your IT guys do not have extra work to do!

We will provide step-by-step instructions if your IT team need to make any changes but usually, this is not necessary

We charge a fixed fee of £300 per tenant per year (you can cancel and we will refund you if you still get hacked!)

Optional Extras:

  • N.B. As part of the hardening we will attempt to clean up any residual issue
  • Handholding users if they or you need help with using Authenticator or you need other help with the basic security measures
  • Baseline Audit of previous attacks
  • Licences and billing, Constant monitoring that undo any security change that we have set.
  • 365 end-user support
  • Cyber Training: We strongly advise all companies to procure monthly training courses for their staff.
  • Host your domain name with denial of service prevention
  • Other services
    • Incident response and remediation – from £1000 per incident
    • Project Management £100 per hour
    • Fully Managed Cyber & IT Support

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