Do you need help with managing your remote working team members, providing them with access to the tools they need and keeping them safe from IT security threats? We can help!


Are you looking for a IT support service to help enhance productivity amongst your hybrid teams and homeworking employees? As well as keeping them safe from the ongoing cyber security threats, our remote working IT service provides team members with help on-demand whilst allowing them to access their office work & documents and software from anywhere in the world.

Work, for most workers, is no longer somewhere you go, but something you do! So your team needs to be able to work securely from anywhere in the world!

We work with businesses of all sizes to help manage their remote working IT as well as providing remote workers with IT support, with our quick and easy setup process it doesn’t matter if you have 5, 50 or 250 PCs, our remote working solutions can be set up right now! We have been working as a virtual team for a number of years and understand the issues well!

Our remote access and cloud based solutions enable users to access their work from wherever they are, whilst we can also deploy our remote monitoring and management software to enhance productivity and IT security amongst employees.

We can migrate your IT systems to the cloud and Microsoft 365 so your team can work, answer calls and emails and access their files securely whilst working remotely. Make use of Microsoft Teams etc to keep in touch and hold meetings.

Our managed remote IT support can be a standalone service or an add-on as part of our standard managed IT Services. We can manage your teams IT wherever they work! Get in touch with our team to find out more.


We provide all areas of remote IT support to hybrid working employees and virtual teams across the UK and beyond…! Speak to us today about how we can help increase productivity and reduce technology frustration amongst your hybrid employees, whilst keeping them safe from IT security threats, which are even more prevalent every year!


Work is no longer a location, empower your team to securely work from anywhere on any device


The cyber security threat is even higher for remote workers, IT security is more important than ever to prevent cyber attacks.


Cloud computing services such as Microsoft 365 allows employees to send emails, make calls and hold virtual meetings with ease.


Keep your employees and team members trained on how your software and portals work with remote IT training.


Remote desktop access allows us to ensure your PC or work devices are kept fully up-to-date and hence less likely to become infected with malware. Each PC needs our management tool installed which enables us to take care of everything from malware audits to Windows updates. With nobody in the office, this is essential to ensure your business runs smoothly and your data is safe.

Each user will need an authenticator app to verify their identity (i.e. 2-factor authentication), that way nobody else can log in as them.

They will install an application on their home PC or working device which allows them to view but not copy data to their home devices. With this solution, if their home PC has a virus it cannot easily spread to their work device, unlike with a VPN, whilst it’s also much much faster to use and deploy across your team’s devices.

If we can help or you would like some advice, do get in touch!


Never has cloud computing been more relevant than the past year of remote working around the world. Cloud-hosted emails, telephone systems and other cloud-based computing services such as data storage allow your employees to work from anywhere, anytime, with access to everything they would have in the office right from the convenience of their home.

As a Microsoft Partner, we can provide a full range of cloud computing services to your remote team to better enable them to work remotely, with secure access to everything they need whenever they need it.

Migrating to the cloud will not only enable better remote working and productivity, but it will help move your business forward whilst being easy to scale up or down, based on your needs.

Speak to our team today about utilising cloud computing for your remote team.


Whilst many employees have flourished whilst working from home over the past year, with increased productivity and better work/life balance, the same cannot be said for everyone. Some employees have found their new work set-up increasingly frustrating, experiencing difficulties with outdated software, IT security threats and the general lack of support, especially when it comes to IT.

At GoodChoice IT, we know and understand the benefits that can come with remote working. Using a remote managed IT support service can help to prevent employees from wasting time and becoming frustrated at work, providing IT support when needed and helping to keep your company and its data safe from malware and cyber attacks. Drop us a message and find out how we can help increase your remote team’s productivity and IT security.