Do you need help with managing your remote team, having them have access to the tools they need and managing their workload? We can help!

It doesn’t matter if you have 5 or 50 PC’s our solutions can be setup right now!

We have been working as a virtual team for a number of years and understand the issues well!

Our remote access solution enables users to access their work devices

(Currently discounted to £5 per user per month)

We also deploy our remote monitoring and management software

We can still migrate your systems to the cloud and Microsoft 365 so your team can work, answer calls and emails and access their files securely. Make use of Microsoft Teams etc.

How does desktop remote access work?


Each PC needs our management tool installed; this enables us to ensure your PC is kept fully up-to-date, so less likely to get malware. With nobody in the office this is essential

Each user will need an authenticator app to verify their identity, that way nobody else can login as them

They will install an application on their home pc which allows them to view but not copy data to their home devices. If their home PC has a virus it cannot spread to their work PC, unlike with a VPN, its also much much faster to use and deploy

If we can help or you would like some advice, do get in touch!