Providing managed IT services, IT support and IT security to accountancy and finance firms across the capital and beyond.


At GoodChoice IT, we have a fair number of accountants as clients across the city and nearby in Surrey, providing them with general IT support and managed IT services. With offices conveniently located in Sutton & London, we conveniently placed to cover a large part of the South East.

We’ve worked with most of the specialist accounting software packages and have expertise in all areas of IT for accountancy and financial firms, from general IT support to cloud computing and IT security. We provide both one-off support services and managed IT services.

With the ongoing and growing threat of cyber attacks and data breaches, IT security has never been more important for accountants and finance companies, who typically hold large amounts of sensitive data. We’ve been working in the IT security industry for 20 years and can ensure that your company has all the necessary safeguards in place to protect your business from cyber attacks such as ransomware and phishing scams.

If you would like to discuss your firm’s IT needs or IT security, drop us a message and arrange a call with us today!


We provide a comprehensive IT support service for accountancy and financial firms. Some of the areas we cover include:


Providing day-to-day IT support so you and your staff can focus on growing your business whilst increasing productivity.


Integrating document management systems to reduce paper, improve security and store documents and data efficiently.


Prevent financial loss and business downtime whilst protecting sensitive financial data with an effective IT security strategy in place.


Migrate your accountancy or financial company to the cloud and scale up or down easily as your grow whilst allowing staff to access their work from anywhere.


Investing in IT can provide accountants and finance companies with many benefits, both in terms of long-term costs, productivity, and IT and cyber security.

A good example of how productivity can be enhanced with IT investment is when installing dual screen monitors and a solid-state drive (SSD) on each PC. We estimate (and our clients will back us up!) that this process gives a time saving of around 30 mins to 2 hours per day per staff member. Compared with the costs, which is around £400 per PC to replace screens, stands, hard drives plus labour costs, this can work out at a substantial annual saving. You can do the maths, you are better at it than us!

Additionally, with the right managed IT service, you can ensure your companies computer systems are as fast as possible to further maximise productivity from your staff. Whilst we understand accountants are careful with outgoing expenditure, we want to make sure you spend the right amount of money – not too much and not too little, to get the best TCO from your IT services and equipment.

If you need IT support for your accountancy or finance firm and you’re looking for a new IT support provider, just drop us a message or give us a call us now.